Monday, March 20, 2017

LitRPG Is The New Black

Okay, maybe I'm pushing that metaphor, but it feels like LitRPG--books based on role playing games of all types for those who might not know--has finally found an audience, and that's something that makes me very, very happy.

I've been playing (and DM'ing) dungeons of the traditional heroic fantasy and even of the paranormal variety for many years now, inspired by my father (Thanks, Dad!). I even started out my writing experience as a fanfic author based on some of my old campaigns (if you can call writing fiction about my own stuff fanfic... but I digress).

When I discovered LitRPG had a huge following and was growing rapidly, I had to explore the idea myself. But not in the ordinary way, because that wouldn't fit who I am.

And who am I, really? I had to stop and think about that when I chose to dive into this particular genre. Because I considered using a pen name for this series, it's so outside my usual work. And yet, every time I looked at the covers with the name that wasn't mine at the top, I felt like a fraud.

Not sure if you're aware, but we writers (artists in general) already fight fraud syndrome anyway, so I didn't need writing under a pen name to make things worse. It did make me take a step back and think about who I am, though, as a creator and as a person of passion looking to share my vision. I'm a writer, yes. A reader, too. As much a maker as a devourer of worlds in many forms, from video games to books to TV and movies. A creator of many different things and someone who loves all kinds of genres. That's why I'm excited to release the Genesis Gates and explore all the ideas I've been mulling over the past several decades.

Soulblade, Stage One of the series, is coming in April (sign up for email updates if you're curious so you know when that happens!) and I can't wait to share it. But there are eight more to follow in the Genesis Gates, so stay tuned.

For now, happy LitRPGing and a huge hell yeah for a genre that deserves the kind of attention it's finally generating.

Happy campaigning!

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