Friday, May 5, 2017

Coming from Purely Paranormal Press and Mayhem and Murder, Ink

I know you've noticed I'm starting to deviate from YA. I love that age group, still hear teenager's voices, but the adult ones are calling and I'm having a lot of fun listening.

Two things I can promise you--my books will stay clean. My one lonely romance and foray into writing steamy scenes left me shuddering. I'm just not that writer. There are tons of awesome authors who adore the hotter genres. I just happen to be a prude.

The second? I'm going to keep telling stories that make me happy, with characters that touch me and hopefully reach you, too.

So here's what's up for the next few months!

I created a new publishing imprint to cover my non-paranormal books: Mayhem and Murder, Ink. You'll be seeing it on my cozies and a few other publications so the Purely Paranormal label doesn't get misleading.

I rebooted my YA superhero novel, The Hercules Project, with a new cover, a paperback pending and a revisit of the series. There are two more books (The Omega Base and The God Complex) that are now on the schedule for next year, so if you enjoy Wyatt's adventure, let me know!

You can find it HERE on Amazon and at all fine retailers.

I'm finishing the Lovely Witches Club novelette companions to the webseries my creative partner, Renee Laprise, and I filmed back in August of 2016. We're delighted with how it turned out and have relaunched the real life club, as well. You can find us HERE. We'd love to have you! Our forum encourages you to share your own stories, images and art and to join us for some really awesome content. It's pay what you wish because we want to make sure everyone can afford to express their loveliness in every witch way :)

Renee and I will be in London in August for Chapter.Con and will be airing the full series there--if you're in the UK at that time, let us know!

Then I'm diving back into Fiona Fleming's charming world of Reading, Vermont, with books four and five of her cozy series. Look for Ghosts and Goblins and Murder and Ganache and Fondant and Murder coming in June.

In case you missed it, you can find book one, Bed and Breakfast and Murder, for only $.99! :)
I'm also going to (finally!) finish The Nightshade Cases. When I realized it's been three years since the first episode came out, I knew I'd let it go too long. I'll be releasing them as fast as I can, and plan to do boxed sets once the full series is done, so stay tuned for that.

I will, of course, finish off the Hayle Coven Inheritance with Ethie's final two books (Ashes to Ashes and Daughter of Witches are coming in the fall). (And, in case you're joining me late in the game and have no idea what the Hayle Coven is, you can find the first series in a giant universe HERE).

I'm also starting a new cozy series based on All Hallow and a family of witches charged with keeping the world safe from paranormal threats for an anthology I'm part of. That is, I think the series is a go ahead, as long as the family doesn't kill each other first...

There are so many amazing projects I want to work on, but several I need to finish first. I hate leaving readers disappointed when series go orphaned for so long. But, I've also been trying very hard to create what the majority is asking for. So, it's time to wrap up loose ends before I move on.

When I do, I'll be looking at some awesome new YA (I have a series I've been wanting to write for two and half years but the timing just hasn't been working) and maybe even another season of the Nightshade Cases (there are three seasons that I know of). I'll keep you posted!

For now, I hope you enjoy magic, mayhem and murder in varying degrees of each.

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