Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Didi and the Gunslinger

In this YA sci-fi series, Didi Duke explores and harvests discarded treasures on Trash Heaven, the dumping ground planet of the galaxy. It provides her with everything she’s ever needed or wanted. Except, maybe, the attention of her inventor father, always busy with his next creation. Good thing he’s passed on his talents to his sixteen-year-old daughter.

When an evil Underlord kidnaps her dad, Didi resurrects a retired cyborg gunslinger to rescue himleading her into danger that spans the galaxy.

A gunslinger of her very own. Imagine. But
Didi's excitement and optimism won't save
her father—that's up to her and her gunslinger!

Abandoned on a fardling desert planet, Didi
and her friends must find a way to escape, but
not before saving the world!

Didi's on her own without a plan, but
that's never stopped her before! When she
escapes capture and discovers her family
history, she's forced to deal with her
enemies once and for all!

I hope you enjoy Didi's adventures!

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