Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries

Welcome to Reading, Vermont,
 the cutest town in America!

A girl, a pug and murder. Who knew running a bed and breakfast could be so deadly?

Fiona Fleming is about to find out! Recently returned from a decade living in the big city, Fee accepts the inheritance of her Grandmother Iris's B&B, Petunia's, with a sense of relief. Here's a new start she can sink her soul into! Never mind she's also taking on Iris's flatulent pug or that running a bed and breakfast is way more work than she thought. Not to mention the inconvenient murders that seem to find her at every turn, despite the irritation of the handsome local sheriff and her own retired lawman father. When bodies turn up, Fee always seems to be in the wrong place at the right time to solve the mystery!

PLEASE NOTE: The Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries are now available on AMAZON ONLY until November. You can find a Kindle app FREE for your favorite device RIGHT HERE. Happy reading!

Bed and Breakfast and Murder

Chocolate Hearts and Murder

Fame and Fortune and Murder

Ghosts and Goblins and Murder

And Coming Soon! Stay tuned for preorder links for the next in series:

Ganache and Fondant and Murder

Ropes and Trees and Murder

Anchors Away and Murder
Guns and Ammo and Murder
Runways and High Heels and Murder
Plaid and Fore! and Murder
Whips and Spurs and Murder
Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Murder
Pirate Gold and Murder

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