Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First Plane Trilogy

If you haven't yet read the Hayle Coven Novels, you might want to start HERE. Otherwise, welcome to Demonicon and the adventures of Syd's little sister, Meira!

She's taken her place as Ruler, but her road is far from smooth... it's time for her to make her own mark, much as her powerful sister has done. But since when is being a Hayle without more trouble than most people could handle...?

Her First Seat under constant assualt
from her Second Seat grandfather, Meira
must step up and deal with the cult trying
 to undermine everything she holds dear!

Meira's found her voice, but the Planeless
cult is still spreading--and their influence
is damaging the Node core that holds
Demonicon's planes together!

Just when she's ready for her fate after
all, the Node is dying and there's a good
chance Meira might end up Ruler of
the end of Demonicon!

Enjoy your stay on Demonicon! And, when you're ready to move on, check out the next series in the Hayle Coven Universe timeline, The Lychos Cycle.

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