Friday, June 16, 2017

Hayle Coven Novels

In case you haven't seen them before, welcome to the world of Sydlynn Hayle and her wacky, amazing and paranormal family. :)

PLEASE NOTE: The Hayle Coven Novels are available on AMAZON ONLY until November, beginning with the prequel novella, Dreams and Echoes. This 21-volume beginning to a bigger universe will sweep you away into a family saga full of the supernatural, deadly and mysterious. I hope you fall in love! (You can find a FREE Kindle app for your device RIGHT HERE!)

Dreams and Echoes
Find out how it all began!

Her Mom's a witch, Dad's a demon
and she wants to be ordinary!
Winner of the 2014 World's Best Story

To normal or not to normal?
Syd might not get a say!

Time for Syd's demon to step
up, even if Syd won't

Syd finally has a chance at being ordinary.
Then why does she just want
her magic back?

Old frenemies of the family are coming
to town--and Quaid's caught up with
their plans for the end of the Hayles!

Syd's in charge for once--exactly
when she needs help the most!

Harry's attempt to go home to
Demonicon doesn't go as planned...

Syd's mother is in trouble with the
Council of witches--can she save
her from certain death?

First year at Harvard and Syd's already
wondering if she's cut out for
being coven leader...

Meeting her demon grandmother wasn't
supposed to mean never going home!

Mysterious enemies finally reveal

Syd might carry the vampire essence,
but that doesn't mean everyone is
happy about it!

Back on Demonicon, Syd faces a
terrible loss, a geas to find the
guilty and her own life to save!

Liam's ties to the Sidhe leave him
vulnerable--it's Syd to the rescue!

Mia might be leader of the Dumont's
but she needs Syd to save her magic!

Facing off with Ameline Benoit means
harder choices than Syd's ever made...

Charlotte's in trouble, and Syd can't
let her werefriend down!

All the world's covens are coming to
town--and Syd's their host!

Time to face down Fate and take her
place as the Light One...

Crippled by loss and grief, Syd's not
done saving the world just yet...

Paperbacks for all of the Hayle Coven Novels are available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!

Don't despair if you're at the last book and don't know where to go from here. There's much, much more waiting for you in the Hayle Coven Universe, starting with The First Plane Trilogy and Syd's sister, Meira! Click the image below to continue the adventure and happy reading!

Meira's role as Ruler of Demonicon doesn't goas smoothly as she'd planned...

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