Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hayle Coven Universe

If you're only now finding the Hayle Coven Universe, you might want to start RIGHT HERE with the Hayle Coven Novels. The timeline for the books is chronological!

For the rest of you, here's the next book in the timeline--meet Zoe Helios!

Zoe's family are Oracles, though she
has begun to wonder if the guidance she
and her people are receiving is in her best
interest. One thing is clear, however--a
great evil exists in the world, and her
name is Sydlynn Hayle!

(Two more Helios Oracles volumes are pending--they contained spoilers for the next series and thus had to be put off until the Hayle Coven Destines were complete.)

Have you wondered where Sassafras's story began? Now you can find out with his own personal history!

(PLEASE NOTE: You can read this book any time after #7 Flesh and Blood of the Hayle Coven Novels--if you choose to read before that, be warned--it contains spoilers!)

Sassafras is a powerful young
demon with a chip on his shoulder
the size of Demonicon. When his
attitude puts him in a world of 
trouble, he's banished to the human
plane in the body of a silver Persian.
Alone and broken, his rescue by a 
young witch leads to a century and 
a half love story between his troubled
heart and the witches of the Hayle coven.

Ready to move along? You can find Syd's next series RIGHT HERE in the Hayle Coven Destinies!

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