Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lychos Cycle

If this is your first visit to the Hayle Coven Universe, you might want to back up and START HERE. Or, if you've missed The First Plane Trilogy, Meira's series, it falls before this trio in the timeline.

Otherwise, welcome to Charlotte's story! The unwilling princess of the now free werenation has her own troubles to deal with and old hurts to heal, while doing her best to save the life of the man she loves.

Charlotte would rather be Syd's bodywere,
not princess of the werenation. But when
new werewolves appear, she must protect
her people and the man she loves.

Sage's transformation is well underway
while Charlotte does her best to keep
him safe. But old enemies are making
her job so much harder...

Charlotte must finally face the Dumonts
and convince her people that Sage's
evolution is their future...

When you're ready to read on, CLICK HERE for the next books in the Hayle Coven Universe timeline!

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