Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Diamond City Trilogy

Fresco Conte is an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary secret that changes his entire life the moment he suffers a psychic breakout. When the men in the dark blue coveralls come and take him away, hooking him on the drug known as Wasteland and setting him loose in the streets to live or die in the arms of the blue joy, he discovers he's not alone.

There are many other kids just like him. 

You can find this dark NA urban fantasy below--but watch the blue joy. It can be a killer...

Fresco's ordinary life takes a turn to
darkness when his sleeping power wakes
and he falls under the spell of Wasteland.

Fresco fights the Garbagemen, but
even he can't resist the call of the
blue joy when it comes.

Fresco must face his past, accept
his power and find a way to end
the experiment before it's too late.

And, if you'd prefer the whole series in one, you can find the Diamond City Omnibus here: 

The full series in one volume!

I hope your addiction to the blue joy treats you kindly...

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