Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Nightshade Cases

Looking for gritty, dark urban fantasy with strong female leads? Look no further than The Nightshade Cases, a paranormal police procedural with heart! Novellas written based on a TV script model with screenwriting annotations and the fast pace of a television show, each case is its own individual mystery, but with an over arching story line that carries over the entire series.

Join Gerri, Kinsey and Ray as they uncover the truth about Silver City's dangerous underbelly, and that the weird things they're experiencing might just be real...

Sometimes friendship can be murder.

When a drag queen is murdered, Gerri, Kinsey
and Ray investigate! But this one is weird
enough to spook the toughest detective...

When a young woman collapses at a
popular new nightclub, the girls are on
the case!

The mysterious deaths of John and Emma
Sonniker lead Gerri, Kinsey and Ray
down a trail of weird...

A woman's tortured body is discovered,
and the girls know the weird is back...

When an exorcism goes horribly wrong,
it's up to the girls to find out who murdered
Father Harry!

Kinsey has the worst taste in men.
Especially when the charming, handsome
guy she falls for happens to be a con
artist who just can't seem to stay dead...

Murder hits close to home and Ray takes
the brunt of the grief. Her cruel mother's
visit isn't helping, nor the rejection of her
girlfriend when an old lover comes to call...

A blues singer is in trouble when the men
who admire her start dying. But, are they
the real targets, or should the woman
with the voice of gold watch her back?

When the new zookeeper is found dead,
Gerri is forced to face who and what she
really is. But will she turn her back on
her fate or accept the help being offered
to her all along?

Death hits close to home when a fellow
professor is murdered. With orders from her
boss to uncover the truth, Kinsey teams up
with Gerri and Ray to uncover who killed
the womanizing Malcolm MacIntosh!

 A popular congressman is dead, and Gerri
is trapped with a handful of others in his
panic room, leaving Kinsey and Ray to
investigate. But is the murderer free...
or in that room with her?

There are more Nightshade Cases to come, so stay tuned! They will be posted here when they release.

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